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Tantric Meditation Techniques

Experiences and techniques to transform your current limited Reality...

Into a life that is

blissed out whole and true.


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Free offerings for the Spiritual Catalyst ready to claim their natural right to Prosperity, Peace, Power, and Pleasure.


  • Cosmic Laws of Love and Creation Ebook

  • Flow Into Prosperity Masterclass, Live Webinar

Spiritual Catalysts


For the solo entrepreneur ready to go from Confused to Clarity, Pain into true power, prosperity and peace. 

  • Virtual Transformation and Meditation Email Coaching

  • Higher Self Prosperity E-Course

Evolved Entreprenuar

For the one ready to raise their inner power and reveal their Highest Expression in creating the life of their greatest desires. Self Mastery, Peace, and Prosperity. Consistent Guidance, Long Term Change in all realms of life. Live one on one Coaching with Katie.  


  • The Creative Deep Dive​

  • The Creatives Catalyst

Prosperity Mastery


A Free Guided Meditation

Discover Your

Higher Self

Designed to

  • Raise your inner power.

  • Reveal your inner knowing. 

  • Live in Your fullest Expression.

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