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Animal Totem Reading

Discover the Spirit Animals that Guide Your Life

Your Totem is a Powerful Life Tool

To know your totem is to provide you with insightful guidance to your life’s purpose, your greatest gifts and ways to overcome challenges. Your totem is revealed once and stays unchanging in this life.


There are nine animals in your totem, each representing a different stage of your life. Different animals show up at different times in your life stages. Once you know them, you can call on them for their many gifts and strengths. They carry a powerful vibration that is here to help you.

Many of us do not even know the incredible talents that lie dormant within, this totem helps bring them to life. Animals are some of our oldest teachers. They were have been here long before us and carry wisdom to help us on journey along our path, the “Red Road”. This is a powerful resource that explores the unique gifts that you carry.

The Offering

Full interpretation of all nine Animals, the significance of it’s placing, how it works with the other totems and how it can guide you.

A plan of how you will incorporate each medicine to enhance all areas of your life.

Katie will make a totem of your animals that you can hang somewhere to reflect on and see daily.


*This service is provided and used in the Custom Alignment Program, but can be purchased here as a stand alone Reading for $150. 

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