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The Coaches Catalyst Group Experience

Group Coaching for the Full-Time Coach

About this Experience 


This is for the coaches and entrepreneurs:

  • Who are full time or ready to go full time and bring their work to the next level.

  • Who crave a community of like minds, to share resources, provide/receive support, collaborate and cheer each other on.

  • Who are ready to thrive physically, mentally, spiritually, and financially

  • Who wish to master their craft, transform the lives of others, be recognized for their service and have a MASSIVE IMPACT.


Instead of us all doing this as islands...

trying to build a business, get clients, develop programs, and reinvent the wheel, 


Let's learn and share with each other. 


This experience will largely be about succeeding through ease, radical honesty, authentic leadership, and collaboration.

Owning our inner icon and becoming part of something bigger.


Let's harness the power of the community and succeed together. We don't have to do this alone.

Coaches Catalyst Masterclass

The biweekly Masterclass starts and will continue bi-weekly every Wednesday via video chat.


Each class you will get in-depth information on the set topic along with soul work to put it all into action.


1. Mindset of success - Getting over the fears that stop you from being a successful coach

2 . Unique Selling Point - What sets you apart

3. What Are You Offering

4. Iconic Branding-Being a Symbol for what you Stand For

5. Business Operations

6. Conscious Marketing & Sales

7. Sustaining Client Relationship

8. Expert Facilitator

9. Self Care- Stay In FLOW

Coaches Kula

Biweekly in between the Masterclass sessions.


An informal group coaching for all the coaches to chat about what is coming up for them, to troubleshoot challenges, connect, and maintain a deep collaboration/connection throughout the course and beyond. The kula is set to continue after the Catalyst program ends so everyone has an ongoing resource where he or she can share what’s going on in their coaching business, ask for help and develop their careers in a supported environment.