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Group Coaching Program

Discovery & Embodiment

This coaching journey is for the women who are ready to dramatically transform their lives. You are committed to empowering yourself through discovering the inner and outer wisdom of Yogic and Tantric Philosophy which, when embodied, will change your life. Joining this group of like-minded women will provide you a community filled with the love, support and inspiration you need during this time of transformation.

Begins January 23rd, 2018!

An Uninhibited Women's Retreat

Get deeply in touch with yourself and the natural world, Unearth your inner gifts, Learn how to revitalize and restore the body naturally. Harness the power of the divine feminine with your sisters.

A FREE Meditation to Discover and Connect with Your Higher Self

Your Higher-Self is your essence, your soul, the part of you that is infinite, all-knowing and based in love. When you have a deep connection with this part of yourself you have access to the most powerful source within you. 

Animal Totem Reading

Discover the Spirit Animals that Guide Your Life

Every person has their own unique animal totem or kula of spirit animals. The totem represents the medicines you carry in this lifetime. It shows you your specific abilities, talents and challenges. This particular spread is based on Native American interpretations.

Navigation Gift Set

You will also receive a "Navigation Set" with many goodies to help you bring specific practices to your everyday life. What exactly will be in there will remain a mystery but it may contain a Transformation Journal to help guide you along this journey. Mala Beads to wear and/or use as a mindfulness reminder. Crystals. Feathers. You get the idea. It will all serve to keep you focused and guide you in your soul searching and manifestation!