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Custom Alignment Program

1-on-1 Personalized Spiritual Coaching

16 Weeks of Coaching with Katie

This program is for those who seek an intimate and personalized transformation. It’s the right program for you if you are ready for a rapid evolution in some part of your life - self love, career, relationships, spirituality, health, finances - and especially if you are looking for the knowledge and tools to thrive in every part of your life. All topics are welcome here; rawness is encouraged. This program is for those who are ready for a journey which will require digging deep within themselves, facing their fears and limiting beliefs, and taking action to redirect and redefine how they see the world, and most importantly, how they see themselves.


During our time together I will guide you with a more clear, objective, unbiased, judgement-free, and compassion-filled light than is possible for any of us to shine upon our own lives. I will assist you as you break down barriers and unleash new energy into your life and take it to the next level. You will discover levels of empowerment and inspiration within yourself that will keep you accomplishing your goals and dreams long after our work together.


Below is a list of common topics that I cover with my clients. There is much more to cover than what is here and each topic has seemingly infinite depth. It will all be tailored to you depending on where you are in life:



  • Discovery and Exploration of Purpose - you will dive into your purpose and values, as well as how you are honoring or neglecting them

  • Connection with Your Higher-Self - your intuition, the infinite knowledge within; finding it and allowing alignment to drive you

  • Clearing Blockages - you will learn the skills of objective self-observation and how to surpass your fears and other energetic mental blockages that are keeping you stuck

  • Learning Life Enhancing Skills - you will learn and practice skills such as meditation, yoga, effective goal planning, energetic work, how to feed your body, mind and soul, etc. in order to find the most efficient methods for re-configuring and maintaining your alignment

  • Taking Action - the ultimate motivation of taking massive, skillful action from a place of alignment with purpose, free of fear and blockages, in order to manifest your dreams

  • Maintaining Your Balance - taking all you have learned and building confidence, sharing and exuding your radiance, and continuing to grow yourself everyday


What’s included

  • Weekly Sessions - 45 minutes, one-on-one via video

  • Weekly Soul Work - Evolutionary action that will have you embody and live out the changes you are cultivating

  • Personalized Guides - meditations, breathing and yoga, healthy living through Ayurveda, and many more to support your specific evolution

  • Round the Clock Email/Text/Phone Support - I am here if you have a problem, need a sounding board, or want to share a success. If I am not available, it is my priority to get back to you as soon as is reasonably possible


Please contact me for a welcome packet with more information. On the phone, I can give you a taste of how we would be working together, get an idea of where you are coming from, and see if we are a good fit for each other before we begin this transformative journey!