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Iconic Coaching

Souluna Life Coach™
Kripalu Yoga Teacher
Shambala Meditation
Tantric Meditation Teacher

Iconic Coaching


Coaching is YOUR opportunity for empowerment, revelation, prosperity and massive action for massive change, we are here to guide and catalyze your journey.


Our belief is no one knows better than you, what you need in this life.












The KL method of coaching works with all levels of being (koshas)our physical body, breath body, mental, spiritual and the higher powers the guide our experience.

During these sessions, you will be moving, breathing, sometimes meditating, visualizing and tapping into all of your elements.


Forward Moving

Coaching is all about being present to where we are and creating the path to where we want to go.


Soul Work

After each session, you will have a clear plan of action and a consistent form of accountability.



We should only be working together if you are ready to completely commit to your growth and cultivate a life of your greatest desires. The shift to a more fulfilling, purposeful, abundant life happens only when you decide it will. When resistance steps in, and it will, we will strategically address and surpass it.


KL Philosophies

We extract wisdom from Coaching theories, Business Psychology, Tantra, Yoga, Meditation, Quantum Physics, Psychology, human biology, Ayurveda, animal behavior, oracle cards and whatever cutting edge or ancient research Katie and her team has been fascinated by lately. We live and breathe this, as it is our lifestyle.


Further inspiration has come from teachers Coby Kozlowski, Katie Brauer, Yoganand Michael Carroll, many teachers of Kripalu.




"I have done more in one month of meeting with Katie

than I have in 7 years of therapy!"






Iconic Coaching Mission 

See your potential, you are new in each moment, let's tap into that.


Gain clarity on your needs, values, your worth and purpose. Who you are here to serve and how to focus that energy.


Connect to your inner knowing (Higher Self)  and reclaim your hidden powers.


Surpass what limits you and keeps you stuck.


Take skillful action towards the life you desire.


Sustain your transformation from the skills you have gained from this journey.


Live to your potential, embody your unique style of leadership and consciously create your life.