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Katie Pelkey

Founder of KL Coaching


I remember the intense confusion, heartbreak, and overwhelm I felt as I tried to navigate my life towards that something more. After everything had seemed to fall apart, again, I was deeply devoted to taking whatever action necessary to uncover my true power, purpose and potential.


It took me years of self work, epiphanies, missteps, research, teachers, certifications to uncover the clarity that would allow me to access my own hidden powers, surpass my fears and create the life that had been calling me.  Then a few more as I started this soul filled business but found myself overworked, overwhelmed and always falling short.


It doesn't have to be the same for you, my offering, is a catalyst for clarity, confidence and skilled action, as it has been for hundreds of others. I learned the hard way and now work to bridge the gap for other soul filled entrepreneurs and leaders.


Katie Pelkey- Kathryn Lorraine -Transformational Coach

I know what it takes to create an extraordinary life and coaching business of purpose, prosperity and freedom because I've done it. 

And now I guide others who are ready to do the same.

My Mission is to...

Inspire coaches to own their worth and become an icon in their field of service.

When we live in alignment with our higher selves, the all-knowing, infinitely-connected, love-based essence within, our purpose becomes clear, our desires manifest, we feel at peace and empowered. When we own our inner power, our worth, and apply that to a service based business we can thrive and change the world.


We embrace and dance with everything life has to offer. We turn pain into power and live life uninhibited by fear. We become the radiant being that has always been within.



I do what I do because I believe this is the next evolutionary step the world has been waiting for. A world of strong, wise, thriving female entrepreneurs here to make a real fucking change!

I do this because I want you to know the bliss in acting from a place of love, not fear. I want you to know abundance and true liberation as you OWN YOUR LIFE and SHARE YOUR GIFTS.

So much more is possible when we choose this path for ourselves and share it with the world.

If you feel overwhelmed, exhausted and tired of missing the mark of true success and ease as you share your gifts with the world, know this can end. Let me help you get to that next level where you thrive. We are not meant to do this alone.

I work with women who are ambitious, soulful and have big dreams - most are well on their way but need help breaking through their upper limits, while others are still beginning the manifestation stages. Either way they know they have so much more to live into. These women have said enough is enough and are ready and willing to take action in order to break through their limitations and thrive.

This is the power of finding your true spiritual alignment.

The liberation and the rewards can be exhilarating, but the work can be tough. That is why I am here - to guide you on your journey, to support you, to point out and help you surpass your blockages, and to show you unlimited and judgement-free compassion and love.


If you're called  to transform, schedule a complimentary session below. You have nothing to lose and your whole self to gain. I can also tell you more about the programs I offer and determine if they are right for you.