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This is for the women who are in the midst of an awakening, who are called to know and embody their sacred feminine power. May it be all of us.

Your sacred feminine is calling.
It’s time for healing, nurturing, communing with the moon.
Your emotions are wild, passionate...

Chakras are focal points — doorways into meditation, awareness, healing and alignment. They are energy centers within the body that deal with energy flow.

They are areas or vortices of high, expansive energy.

The energy we store in our chakras is the source of our life f...

You crave to connect, to feel, embrace, to love deeply, to get raw as you undress.

Humans are exposed to their truth when they are naked in the throes of passion,

Uninhibited, self-displayed, and seen by you —

The one that seeks depth, unpolished jagged crystals, these ar...

The single greatest revealment that changed my life and may just change yours.

I have 4 tattoos, that stand as my greatest reminders, one being the term “Disidentify”. I scripted this word onto my left wrist after the revealment that changed my life. I was reading the b...

Let’s do an experiment:

- Write out 4 people who inspire you, these can be real humans, ficti

onal, alive or in a different realm.

- Under each name write out the characteristics that you admire.

- Then write out the qualities that you envy under each person.

- Notice what...

I've noticed there seems to be a collective rage building, bubbling and in many cases bursting. In one of my recent classes a student came in looking visibly frustrated. I asked her what she wanted to cultivate, what intention did she have in coming to yoga?

She replied...

Rituals harness the power of intention and focused desires. The New Moon is an opportunity for inward reflection and clarity on that which you wish to manifest in the upcoming lunar cycle. A New Moon ritual celebrates a new beginning, alignment with nature, and a clean...

On January 27th 2015, I married myself on a beach in Costa Rica. Surrounded by my beautiful new kula, dear friends I had met just a week before.

I went all out, I wore a dress (sundress), I had a ring, and the ceremony was even performed by a friend who was ordained (in...

As your coach I am here to guide you to embrace all that life has to offer.

My goal is to empower you to fully experience, create and savor your life.

Through our relationship I will guide you to:

  • Know your calling

  • Identify and work with the habits and fears that...

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