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New Moon Rituals


Rituals harness the power of intention and focused desires. The New Moon is an opportunity for inward reflection and clarity on that which you wish to manifest in the upcoming lunar cycle. A New Moon ritual celebrates a new beginning, alignment with nature, and a clean foundation for your desires.


Creating a Ritual

The most powerful rituals come right from the heart. My New Moon rituals have evolved over the cycles as I create them from a place of inspiration and instinct. I go with whatever feels needed in that moment. Below are some foundational pieces that I have found powerful... may they be of some inspiration to you as you create your own rituals for this time of beginnings.


Clearing the Space

Find a place that feels sacred to you. Perhaps it's outside, in your bedroom, at your altar, in the bathtub... A place where you can connect inwards and will not be disturbed for some time. I enjoy cleaning this space before hand removing any old stagnant energies by removing clutter and saging. I verbally ask that all stagnant energies are removed and that space is cleared for the new to come in. 


Invoking the Senses


The senses are a gateway inward. I light candles, burn incense, play calming music or tune into the silence. As a ritual of new beginnings I shower to dispel any old energies and give myself an Ayurvedic self massage known as abhyanga. Lastly I prepare an herbal tea for the ceremony.


Oracle Cards

I love to pull cards as part of my Morning Ritual. On the New Moon I pull cards asking for guidance in anything I need to focus on during this next cycle.


Meditation and Focus

With a paper and pen ready I go inward. I meditate for some time and clear my mind of all that is not focused on what I wish to manifest. I allow my soul to come through and I write from there. As my desires come to mind I envision them in my minds eye. I feel them and allow myself to dissolve into them, knowing how it looks, feels, smells, sounds, tastes when my desires manifest. I let my imagination go wild. I write each new desire down as they emerge and trust that they will come to fruition. I trust the Universe is responding to my desires and all will come to be. At the top of this list I write down a clause of sorts, asking that all my desires come to fruition that are aligned with my greatest purpose. During this process many doubts and fears may come up, when this occurs I send these straight down into the core of the earth. I believe that the desires that come from love will be completely supported by this universe. 




After my list feels complete I read it out loud, trusting the power of my words and intention. I feel immense gratitude for all that is to come. I put this list somewhere I can view it daily usually on my altar. I trust all that is in line with my purpose will manifest and I look for the proof in the form of synchronicities and heightened feelings. During the full moon I bring the list out as it is an essential part of my full moon ritual (to come in another post).



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