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The Greatest Revelation of My Life

The single greatest revealment that changed my life and may just change yours.



I have 4 tattoos, that stand as my greatest reminders, one being the term “Disidentify”. I scripted this word onto my left wrist after the revealment that changed my life. I was reading the book the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, a book that had literally fallen off the shelf a few weeks before at one of my favorite hot spots, the library in Allston MA. I had spent the rest of that day diving into this book, Eckhart's words soothing my soul. The most prominent message of is book for me was the reminder that I am not my ego, or the pain body as he calls it…


“The pain-body is my term for the accumulation of old emotional pain that almost all people carry in their energy field. I see it as a semi-autonomous psychic entity. It consists of negative emotions that were not faced, accepted, and then let go in the moment they arose.” - Eckhart Tolle  


I had been beating myself up feeling ashamed for past reactions of anger and unhappiness, blaming myself for unleashing my dark sides.Feeling defeated as I felt that I had no choice but to respond from this place of pain, it was all I knew. From his booked sparked my separation from my pain body, from my ego, a disidentification that has allowed me great freedom and power.


This tattoo was a promise, I would no longer identify with my ego, my fears, my past or my anxieties. I would no longer believe that I was “broken”, instead I accepted that I was breaking open. Breaking open to my true form.


The single greatest revealment that changed my life was… remembering my true nature, my Higher Self.


“You are a spiritual being having a human experience.”


I had been under the illusion that I was stuck in this human experience, only able to seek guidance externally, that my sadness and anger were a major part of “me” and was my cross to  bear. The revealment of my higher self lead me to the truth that I am Divine, source, infinite intelligence, greater consciousness, in a “human body”. That is my true state. I had access to all of my inner questions by tapping back into my Higher Self and listening and acting on her messages. This realization gave me back my power and connected me to my essential spiritual state, it was uplifting relief. I started acting on those gut feelings and the voice within and my life has forever changed.  Even now when I get lost in fear and limited thinking all it takes (though easier said than done) is to get quiet and ask my higher  self, what do I need to know? What is possible? And sure enough her message comes, I know it's her because it is always from love, it is as wild and free as she is, and it's full of wisdom and usually simplicity.


Now I would like to invite you to...

Disidentify, to leave your false perceptions of self behind and to awaken to your Higher Self. It’s time to know that you know and bloom into your impending greatness.


Who is your Higher Self?

“You” without fear.

Completely unique to your personality and what you love. (Mine is wild, obsessed with animals, the ocean and freedom.)

The part of you that witnesses all of your thoughts, and actions without judgments.

Part of the ethereal world, you hold an unbreakable connection to your Higher Self at all times.

Both masculine and feminine energy perfectly balanced. (Your Higher Self may appear as your current gender. My Higher Self Appears as a female.)

She is trying to get through to you in every moment of every day, relentless in reminding you of who you really are, why you are here, and how to embrace and create a life that is EXTRAORDINARY!

Our Higher Self communicates to us through intuitive hits, songs in our heads, goosebumps, excitement, messages from others, omens, synchronicities, animals, and our emotions. When that voice comes in, the feeling, the inner knowing, explore trusting your own wisdom.


Just through reading this you have now begun the journey of unveiling your greatest source of power...


Your highest self holds the key to...

Your authentic self in full bloom

Why you are here, your purpose and calling in this life

What gifts and talents are uniquely yours

What lessons you are here to learn

Natural Law, or laws that govern our universe and reality

How to create the life of your greatest desires

How to love unconditionally

Your inner wisdom, what path to take, who and who not to align with

Surpassing your fears

And so much more


Do you hear your own Higher Self rejoicing in this truth!?

You are divine source consciousness experiencing this Human life! You are infinite in your true nature! So if you're ready to dive even deeper into this connection there are actions you can take daily to start acting from your Higher Self.




How to reconnect:

Meditate: Connect to your breath and your third eye and crown chakra, mentally ask her to show up, or listen to my guided meditation for connecting with your Higher Self. Write or draw what what you see, feel and hear. Try this daily for at least a week, especially in the morning when you are just starting your day and are more prone to a connection with the spiritual plane. I now feel connected to mine everyday throughout different moments...


Embody: Once you have a visual for how she acts and presents herself, start to embody her daily. Move and dress how she does, empower yourself by embodying your true nature, feel the freedom of becoming your authentic self.


Intuition: Listen to the songs stuck in your head, take note of the signs and sychonitices that you come to see. Listen and act on your intuitive hits, those inspired thoughts or ideas that are love based and may seem random are her messages to you, leading you to your desires. Act on them and see what happens.


Journal: From a Stream of Consciousness, without filtering your thoughts, channel your higher self through writing. In moments of uncertainty just ask her what you should do via writing out the question, trust what comes in response. Another technique is it write it out from your non dominant hand. You know it’s from your higher self if it’s love based.


Connect: Do what you love, act on what brings you joy and excitement, imagine all of your dreams coming true. As you connect to her internally your external world will shift and elevate. As you play in joy in your external world your internal connection to her will strengthen.


I hope this is of service to you I believe so deeply in uncovering our true nature as an essential part to experiencing true liberation. If I can be of any further service to you let me know, this is what I do, I see my clients as their Higher Self, I give them a place to hear their own wisdom and embody their essence and I would be honored to do this for you.





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