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The Power of Having an Alter-Ego



Let’s do an experiment:


- Write out 4 people who inspire you, these can be real humans, ficti


onal, alive or in a different realm.


- Under each name write out the characteristics that you admire.


- Then write out the qualities that you envy under each person.


- Notice what themes show up.


Here’s my example….

David Bowie


Qualities I admire: creativity, uninhibited, balanced masculine and feminine, unique, shape shifting, he’s completely tuned in to his inner genius


Qualities I envy: musical genius, he shaped multiple genres


Now, allow me let you in on something - any quality that you admire, envy or wish to have - you do.


They are already in you.

You couldn't see it in others if it was not already in you.

What we look up to is actually already within.


The characteristics that I admire and even envy in him are very much part of my “higher self” my greatest version of self. The most authentic version of me is creative, not limited by gender, or the views of others. My higher self is out of this world and meant to transform my reality, maybe not in the musical world but it could shift the genres of my interest.


Once you have these characteristics for your four people, its time to integrate them.

  1. Own it. Get clear on the main traits that you admire and envy and Claim Them! They are within you. Write them down, meditate upon them, feel them within.

  2. Face your fears. Address all the fears, worries and limiting beliefs that come up, write them down on a piece of paper. If you’re not sure if it’s a fear ask yourself does this thought set me free or does it limit me?  

  3. Get Real. Ask yourself is this true? Am I really not creative or have I just not allowed myself to try. Have my fears and judgments gotten so big that I don’t allow myself to express my inner artist. Every time I start doubt gets in the way.

  4. Rewrite your story. On a new piece of paper respond to each fear from a place of love (this is your higher self speaking). Next to the story of “I am not Creative”, I would write, “I am in the process of revealing the inner artist.”

  5. Take Action. Destroy your fears, burn that piece of paper, drown it in water, rip it into tiny pieces. In whatever way that feels necessary it’s time to destroy and recreate that old story that has held you back (the more creative the destruction the better ;)

  6. Design your alter ego. You may be familiar with some famous alter egos such as ziggy stardust, sasha fierce, the artist formally known as prince. An alter ego allows for the expansion of self. A self that is not confined to your current story of who you think you are, and includes all the fears that have been with you since your developmental years. Allow yourself to envision an alter ego who displays all of your desired qualities. If you had a reaction to the word “ego” let me clarify, the alter ego we are now creating is from love, it stems from what’s possible. We are in the process of transmutation, just like using the venom of a snake to cure a snake bite we are constructing a cure for ego with an ego of love.


Play with it.

Give your alter ego a name, a personality, draw them out, or dress up as them. How do they respond to your current life? What do they do differently? How similar or different are they from your current personality?


When we allow ourselves to envision our alter ego or higher self we give ourselves an instant look into our inspired self. When fear and doubt is clouding the mind just ask yourself, “What would (name of alter ego) do?”


Spend an entire day as your alter ego.


Write out her backstory.


If you still feel blocked, lean in. Many times when we are clouded by fear or disbelief, we feel confused, un-trusting or full of doubt. This is where I (or another coach) is able to come in, I am here to see you for your potential, to hear your dreams and help you navigate them. I help you see your true strengths and identify the “blind spots’ that are keeping you stuck. Together we surpass the fear to reveal your higher self.


I am here to guide you to find what is within.

To help you discover the divine, empowered, awesome being that you are.


You are here on this earth to live into your greatest potential.

No more living small, watching others live into their dreams, putting yourself to the side.

It’s time to prioritize your Self!


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