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An Ode to the Highly Sexual Feminine

You crave to connect, to feel, embrace, to love deeply, to get raw as you undress.

Humans are exposed to their truth when they are naked in the throes of passion,

Uninhibited, self-displayed, and seen by you —

The one that seeks depth, unpolished jagged crystals, these are the moments you treasure

But the torment of unrequited love, the disease of unconscious entanglement

The shame, the judgment, the envy

It’s cast a sheath over you

Do not lie down in defeat and repress your magic

Polish the mirror in which you discover this inner desire

This sexy, sultry passion is for you

Not for any other

It is your birthright, your pleasure is your greatest source of power

So take this feminine power, soak it up

Swim in her fluidity, her receptivity, and unending beauty

Move in erotic motion

Feel the warm magic honey that drips within

Embrace your goddess form, celebrate your divine

Invite in the rapture, awaken the Divine Feminine.


Sexual Energy is Life Force

The Divine Feminine is sensual, sexual, the essence of creative energy. Release the taboo of being sexyand discover what being sexy means to you. How often do you allow yourself to deeply explore your sensual /seductive side? What if this was the source of one of your greatest untapped powers?

Sexual energy is a mischievous, boundary-breaking energy. It’s free, wild, seductive, vulnerable and deeply powerful. I find within myself and many of my clients this essential part of being has been shamed, ridiculed, judged, and as result, I feel the terror of going there. I feel afraid to show this side, to own it and explore it because of what others might say or think. So why do it?

Because sexual energy is a potent, life-changing energy that we all have. An energy that can be used to create and up-level all areas of life. Instead of using sexual energy for ego trips such as manipulation and attention, we can harness this energy for the sake of full self-expression, spiritual growth, liberation and massive action.

Harness your Sexual Power

Inviting in and embracing our sexual nature is part of embodying the Divine Feminine. When we tap into the feminine energy, we access our once untapped power to create whatever it is that we wish to bring to manifestation, we enhance our ability to receive all that life has to offer with our discernment, and a gift of fluidity, vitality, strength, and nourishment that allows for new life to grow and bloom is revealed.

There is also an undeniable radiance and magnetism that comes from being in an uninhibited, intense loving relationship with your feminine, sensual, sexual, flowing side. Sexual energy, when allowed and embraced, can arouse the creative genius within. This energy can be channeled into creative projects, artistic expression, meditation, and many other realms.

Instead of repressing, intentionally express this energy in a way that empowers you.

This is sacred energy, a tool for empowerment and divine creation.

This creative, playful, divine energy is not meant to be repressed, but directed to enhance your life experience far beyond the physical sexual realm. This is for you, not others.

Shed the layers of shame and judgment to fully reveal your inner sacred power, your inner wolf. It’s time to further embrace and harness our sexual energies and utilize their potential to increase bliss, excitement, and vitality in our daily lives.

So how do we tap in?

Release the fear and shame that surrounds your inner sexual power, release the fears arising out of what others will think of you.

Wear red, dress up, and radiate unscared of how bright your inner and outer light is.

Embody pure sensual movement, dance and talk seductively, crawl on all fours, move your hips, letting your hair down, let your she-wolf out.




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