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Spiritual Catalyst Offerings


Cosmic Laws of Love and Creation

An Interactive Ebook and Guided Meditation Experience

For the Spiritual Catalyst ready to claim their natural right to Prosperity, Peace, Power, and Pleasure. Discover the laws of the universe that will reveal the secrets to instant prosperity. This E-Book includes Guided Exercises that will allow you to access your birthright of Prosperity. It also includes a bonus meditation that accelerates alignment with the laws.


Flow into Prosperity MasterClass

An experiential master class to discover the ancient secrets of prosperity.

Experience meditations and laws that will change your life. Special Offer at the end.


For the Spiritual Catalyst looking to learn and align with the laws of the universe and abundance. You are willing to put everything aside an experience the laws that will change your life. Flow Into Prosperity, no Effort Required. Principles and techniques that create automatic satisfaction.


Mastering Manifesting

Everything you need to know to manifest everything you desire. This guided workbook includes an invaluable audio lecture and additional meditation. Tested and true, you will see results.

This is the way to consciously create all you desire.

It's all here waiting to be experienced.