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The Creative's Catalyst

Thank You Page

Thank you for your purchase of
The Creative's Catalyst.


Congratulations, Welcome to Your Catalyst! 

I am so happy you have made the choice to invest in yourself
and your life through this program.

This choice has opened a doorway for you to a life of purpose,
empowerment and so much more. Take time to celebrate and
prepare for all that is to come.


Here are the next steps in getting you set up:


1. Welcome Packet - Please download and review the file and email us at info@katiepelkey.com if you have any questions.


2. Coaching Agreement - Please download and review Coaching Agreement which outlines the expectations and procedures of our partnership, please follow the directions to sign it electronically.

3. Schedule your Day - We provide a Booking Link for the available schedules you can choose from. If you wish to request for special schedules, you may email us your three (3) best times to complete the program at info@katiepelkey.com.


4. Prep + Pre-Reading - Below are the additional resources that are not mandatory, but awesome supplemental info.



Here is a special course on Prosperity that I invite you to experience before your call. 

Any questions about the course or offerings

should be directed to info@Katiepelkey.com

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