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Thank you for your purchase of the
Higher Self Prosperity E-Course.


Congratulations on claiming your life of prosperity! 

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Bonus Offer 1

  • Autoluminescent Kula

  • 2 Months of the Virtual Transformational
    and Meditation Coaching via email.

With this membership, you have the option to once a month for the next two months, have your questions answered by Katie. 



One email per month, for the next two months, this can be continued afterward at a special rate upon request.

To receive coaching by Katie, please answer the following questions below and send your responses to Katie@KatiePelkey.com.


Virtual Transformation Email Questions:

Take a moment to set an intention for your email, what is it that you are seeking, what is needed most, and without filtering please answer the questions below. 


  1. What topic do I wish to focus on?

  2. What does this part of my life currently look like?

  3. What do I desire in this realm of my life?

  4. What is blocking me?

  5. What support do I need right now?

  6. What practices am I willing to commit to?

Bonus Offer 2
Powers of Prosperity Course

7 Weeks Divine Feminine Archetype Course,
7 Meditations, 7 Weekly Experiences:

Recover the Divine Feminine Techniques for
effortless manifesting.

7 Weeks of an in-depth experience into the secret feminine archetypes we all have access too. Each week you will experience a new hidden power. The repression is ending, the reclaiming has begun. Discover what they tried to make us forget.

Discover your 7 Divine Feminine Archetypes.

Reclaim and embody your hidden powers that have been repressed.

Evolve your connection with your Higher Self.

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Use the Password: Keon

Thank you for saying yes, to a life of Prosperity. 


Any questions about the course or offerings

should be directed to info@Katiepelkey.com

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