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Virtual Transformation and Meditation Coaching

Thank You Page

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Thank you for signing up for Virtual Transformation

and Meditation Coaching.

Take a moment to set an intention for your email;
what is it that you are seeking, what is needed most,
and without filtering, please answer the questions below.

  1. What topic do I wish to focus on?

  2. What does this part of my life currently look like?

  3. What do I desire in this realm of my life?

  4. What is blocking me?

  5. What support do I need right now?

  6. What practices am I willing to commit to?


Upon completion, email these responses to Katie@KatiePelkey.com

with "Virtual Transformation" in the subject line.

Katie's reply will come within 7-10 full business unless noted otherwise.


Until then, here is a special invitation to here Masterclass Flow into Prosperity, stay until the end for a special offer.

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