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Roc Women's Empowerment Kula

Connect with the Spiritual Women of Rochester, NY

When a group of Women come together with the shared intention of self discovery, healing, connection, and raw conversation a catalyst for transformation occurs.


A Kula is a sanskrit term relating to a sacred community based on openness, support and the act of calling each other forth to our greatness. This is what the empowerment kula is all about. Transformation as a collective, we go further together and there is nothing like having a team of women cheering you on!


The vibe here is one of comfortability, curiosity, and nourishing support from women of all walks of life. Meetings will start with some gentle movement, attendee introductions and an community intention setting.


All empowering topics are welcome and open to be discussed...

Kathryn Lorraine, a certified Spiritual leadership coach, will facilitate the topic, sharing thoughts, leading insights and ideas for your exploration. Self inquiry exercises will invite you to instantly apply this new life enhancing information and ignite your own inner revelations. The conversation then becomes open to the community. We all become each other's teachers, sharing our stories, our breakthroughs and supporting one another to express, learn and grow together. You can expect to walk away feeling empowered, inspired and deeply connected to a new community.

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All attendees receive a complimentary Private Coaching session with Kathryn Lorraine and a discount to her retreat in Panama,  www.AwakenTheDivineFeminine.com

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world, indeed it is the only thing that ever has.”  -Margaret Mead.