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The Kula

A Women's Group Coaching Experience

Ongoing, accessible group coaching, for women seeking community, connection, and growth.

Tap into the realm of collective wisdom. This ongoing monthly group coaching program is an invitation for you to join a Kula of like-minded women. It is an intentional and spiritual community where women support and hold one another to each individual's greatest potential.


This Kula is not for everyone, because it takes a level of commitment and dedication to evolution that not everyone has found within themselves, yet. But for those who have this is the next level. The power of group mentality is real

The weekly group coaching sessions will revolve around the topics that are important to you, nothing is off limits.


You crave a consistent, intimate, accessible place to connect with like minds. One that allows for conscious conversation and ongoing support.


Multiple coaching calls a month. 


Join a community of  like minds.


Ongoing support, weekly one on one checkins.



spiritual practice.




How we meet: Video calls on Zoom.


Times: The members choose the time each month.

A monthly moon ritual is held on the new moon of each month.

Month to Month: New members can join each month.


Check in with Katie: You check in with me and your Kula whenever needed.

How it Happens

Uncovering and Clarifying Your Purpose

  • Know why you are here, how to use your gifts and talents to make a living and find fulfillment

  • Discover your life’s purpose, how to build a life around it and even make an abundant living from it. Navigate back to your true north and feel the energy and fulfillment that comes from remembering why you are here and how you can live into your potential.

Topics We Can Cover


Anything and everything, including...

Discovering Your Higher Self 

  • The infinite, all knowing self within

  • No one knows what you need more than you.

  • Your Higher Self is your inner genius, your soul and essence. It is who you are without fear. By the end of this journey you will have direct access to your inner wisdom, you will know how to connect and embody your higher self and be the radiant, confident, authentic self that is dying to be seen.

1 minute 27 seconds

Intentional Attraction

  • Making your desires for your dream career, health & relationship a reality. Manifestation that actually works.

  • The unknown secrets to actually attract in your desires. Learn how to manifest your desires far beyond just thinking it to be. We will dive deep into how to rewire your system, clear your unconscious blocks, disidentify from fear and become the real life magic creatrix you are meant to be.

1 minute 31 seconds

Innate Power in the Present Moment

  • How to utilize the Power of Now to find peace, release from stress, and increase your power of manifestation

  • Discover new forms of meditation, yoga and tools for being in the moment. Heal your anxiety, your worries and regret through learning how to heal your pain body. We will also explore the 5 Koshas and how you can feel bliss on a daily basis

2 minutes 9 seconds

Understanding and Harnessing your Emotional Intelligence

  • How to navigate your emotions, discover their hidden meaning, feel bliss, joy, creativity, and ecstasy daily

  • ​Discover the wisdom of your emotions, understand what they are trying to tell you without getting trapped in the story or drama. Learn to honor the light and the shadow, the bliss and the sadness and how you can stay on a high vibe in all of it. (Its not about being happy all the time, there is beauty and wisdom in anger as well). Become unafraid to feel anything and as result feel the beauty of everything.

1 minute 24 seconds

Navigating Your Fears and Choices

  • Surpass your fears, let go of  what holds you back

  • How to make choices that serve you

  • How to set boundaries

1 minute 39 seconds

Taking Massive Action

  • How to make it happen

  • Discover the difference between Massive and Passive action and when to use what. Find out what stops you from taking action and learn how to surpass it to achieve the outcome you desire most

1 minute 56 seconds

The Simple Breakdown:

  • Live group coaching calls each  month 

  • Monthly Moon Ritual

  • A devoted group of peers during and beyond 

  • Guidance from an expert as your practices come to life

  • Knowledge and skills that will change how you live the rest of your life...