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The Yin Within

Find your inner stillness and peace

Nu Movement - 716 University Ave, Rochester NY

Go deep within to find the stillness and peace that is waiting.


In this deeply relaxing and restorative practice Kathryn will provide students of all levels a time to calm the mind and nervous system, go inward and just breath.


Yin yoga consists of gentle floor poses held for a longer period of time with the support of props. It is a passive practice that activates beneficial change deep within the body. Through this practice one will greatly increase their flexibility, release the fascia (connective tissues) of the body, lubricate the joints, rid the body of toxic emotions and stress, and cultivate inner awareness and peace. Class will end with a soothing guided meditation. Leave class feeling deeply connected to the inner peace within.


A perfect class for beginners and more experienced yogis/athletes looking to balance and improve their yang (intense/active) practice.